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 Avila Construction has been referred to as "the premier general contractor" of the Monterey area. We are proud to be a leader and work diligently to exceed client expectations every day.


Our experienced team and relationships with subcontractors makes us one of the most competitively priced contractors in the area. Given a complete set of plans, we can accurately price your project and get started quickly. We often win competitive bid processes, proving our ability to beat out our competitors on price. While winning on price is great, winning on price AND service is by far the best.  Our client base is largely repeat clients, demonstrating the service level we provide to each and every project.


 Have a vision but need a team to get it done? We are the right people to lead the way. Design Build services allow for the complete design team to be brought on early. This team often includes the General Contractor (that's us), the owner (that's you), the Architect, engineers, and other consultants (traffic, land use, etc). Assembling the team early allows for the smoothest process from concept to completion. This method is great for cost control and value engineering, since all parties can contribute their thoughts before drawings are complete and its too late to reverse course without costly design fees. 

Some of Avila Construction's most loyal clients are our Design- Build clients. We think this really speaks to the quality of the process we run and the end product we produce. 

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