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Project Engineer/ Assistant Project Manager

Job description

Avila Construction is looking for a Project Engineer to join our team. Avila Construction is based in Monterey, CA with work sites typically located in Monterey County. We occasionally do work in San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara counties.

Project Engineers are responsible for projects from start to finish – estimation to close out documentation – in collaboration with Project Manager(s) and other Avila Construction Team members. The Project Engineer is expected to maintain consistent and clear communication with other team members, including Project Managers, Site Superintendents, other Project Engineers, Owners, Engineers, Architects, and Government Officials/ Inspectors

Job requirements:

  • Must be competent in reading, interpreting, and analyzing blueprints/ plans, technical specifications, diagrams, reports, and other project related technical documents.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. A high level of professionalism is required in all interactions - coworkers, subcontractors, Owners, Inspectors, and others.

  • Ability to record, organize and prioritize tasks of various complexities and follow through to completion of task.

  • Ability to plan ahead, including workforce/ resource allocation, to ensure project is on schedule.

  • Must be solution oriented and have the ability to collaborate with other team members to problem solve.

  • Must have an understanding of construction mechanics and proper sequencing of trades and tasks.

  • Must possess strong math, reading & writing skills.

  • Must be able to consider information from multiple sources and practice sound decision making based on the information available.

  • Must be able to adjust to change to accommodate changing conditions or unexpected events.

  • Must be computer (Windows) proficient including software: Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Teams, Project and Outlook; PDF editor (such as Bluebeam); Management software (such as Fieldwire or ProCore). Must be able to: create and send emails; create, save, edit files and organize them into server/ local folders; digitally mark up/ annotate various project documents and incorporate them into RFIs, emails, etc; create/ schedule meetings, including e- meetings; facilitate online meetings (Teams);

  • Must be physically capable of visiting all areas of a construction jobsite, which may require climbing stairs, ladders, or scaffolds. Job requires the ability to regularly sit, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, or crouch, or carry objects in excessive of 30 pounds. (Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential requirements)

** not required, but bilingual English/ Spanish speakers are preferred **

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create a running list of all tasks needing to be completed; prioritize tasks to ensure job can continue to run forward on time. Update task list with statuses and completions.

  • Participate in estimating/ budgeting process with Project Manager(s) – reviews drawings and specifications to create scopes of work for specific trades, create logistic plans, perform quantity take offs, solicit subcontractors for estimates, answer subcontractor questions regarding scope and/ or create and follow up on RFIs, prepare budget estimate spreadsheet based on CSI codes, etc. As Project Engineer becomes experienced, Project Engineer is expected to lead estimating/ budgeting process with oversight by Project Manager(s).

  • Participate in scheduling of construction project from start to finish, in collaboration with Project Manager. As Project Engineer becomes experienced, Project Engineer is expected to lead scheduling process with oversight by Project Manager(s).

  • Implements project schedule and updates/ refines it regularly (weekly, at least), to reflect field changes and to ensure project remains on track; communicate and collaborate on schedule with Project Manager/ Site Superintendent

  • Coordinates and schedules the work activities of tradespeople, inspectors, engineers, laborers, deliveries, and others in collaboration with Site Super and Project Manager.

  • Prepare subcontracts, change orders, etc. Work with Contracts Administrator to finalize for distribution to subcontractors and entry into accounting platform.

  • Completes administrative organization and documentation, including of project logs, files, records, reports, estimates, specifications, drawings, project quotes, purchase orders, QTOs, etc.

  • Prepare submittal log based on specifications and drawings; solicits subcontractors for submittal documentation/ materials; reviews documentation/ materials against drawings & specifications to ensure compliance; iterate with subcontractor as necessary until submittal is fully correct; provide to architect/ engineer as necessary for approval.

  • Prepare RFI log; gather subcontractor or internal RFIs; seek resolution for all RFIs by either submitting RFI or reviewing project documentation internally; provide answers to all relevant subcontractors; ensure all RFI statues are tracked to completion.

  • Responsible for document control/ versioning– slipsheet plans, etc.

  • Regularly communicates with Project Manager/ Site Super on status of project - schedule, potential problems/ obstacles, ongoing site activities, etc.

  • Assists Site Super with recording field conditions in the form of as- built documentation

  • Other duties as assigned to ensure project success.

Education & Experience requirements:

  • 4 year BA/BS in relevant major (construction management, engineering, etc) preferred; Other 2 or 4 year degrees also considered if paired with background/ experience in construction industry

  • 1 + years in similar role.

  • Pay dependent on skills and experience

  • Job is based in Monterey, CA home office with regular visits to project sites across the area.

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)

  • 401(k) matching

  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Professional development assistance


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