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Avila Construction is one of the most trusted contractors in the Tri-County area, providing a complete range of construction services. Whether you are at the concept phase of your project or have drawings and permits in hand, our team is ready to see your project through to completion.

Explore our services offered below.



Private & Public Sectors

New Construction & Renovations

Design Build Services Available for Large Projects 

We are unable to service very small projects at this time (residential patios, miscellaneous residential maintenance items, bathroom renovations, etc). We recommend reaching out to a licensed contractor who specializes in single family residential construction for these services

  • Agriculture & viticulture facilities

  • Medical, surgical, and dental facilities

    • OSHPD-3 Facilities

  • Commercial buildings

  • Offices & Tenant improvements

  • Schools & educational facilities

  • Government facilities

  • Hotels & Hospitality facilities

  • Retail Spaces

  • Multi family residential properties

  • Workforce housing

  • Fine residential homes

  • Non- profit organization facilities

  • Automotive Dealerships



For over 30 years, Avila Construction has provided superior general contracting services to Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. Typical pre-construction general contracting services begin with a complete set of plans, from which we develop an estimate and project schedule for owner review and approval. Once construction gets started, our experienced staff interfaces with designers, architects, consultants, and subcontractors on a regular basis to carry the project through to completion. We aim to provide a smooth, enjoyable, and predictable process each and every time.  Our process results in consistent excellence that results in many repeat clients.


With one of the largest project management teams in the area, Avila Construction is at a distinct advantage when it comes to putting together the perfect team to meet our client's needs.  After our Project Executives understand the client's project vision, they assemble a thoughtfully crafted team comprised of our in-house Project Managers and Project Assistants and out of house architects, engineers, designers, and other consultants. All team members are selected based on their past experience and strengths as a team members.

Once a team is selected, Avila Construction leads the process from concept to completion. The design build process results in quicker timelines to completion as well as consistent cost control and expectation management. With Avila Construction as the lead, the client is freed from the stress of coordinating many subject experts. Instead, the client deals with a single, highly competent Avila Construction employee.



For almost any project we encounter, budget is an important factor. Our experienced team can provide cost saving propositions, known in the industry as "value engineering," to achieve project goals while respecting budget restrictions. Deep knowledge of constructability and an understanding of material types is needed in order to provide the best value engineering services. We are proud to have a team with the knowledge it takes and a proven track record of success when it comes to value engineering.

Ready to team with us on your next project? Give us a call.

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