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We're Live with Bluebeam!

After a ~6 month trial period with select projects and employees, we are rolling out Bluebeam to the entire Project Management and Site Superintendent staff. What does this mean? We will be working more efficiently and powerfully, managing documents better, and delivering better as built documents to our clients.

The County of Monterey Government Team was our main group of testers. This team is managing hundreds (yes, really!) of RFIs and the resulting corresponding document updates and change orders. Using Bluebeam, the team maintains a current document set with RFIs and responses stored internally. This allows all team members to view the latest plan set and easily identify outdated plan sheets, areas of the plans that have out standing RFIs, or answered RFIs. Our Site Superintendents are using iPads to view their documents, in current and real time form, in the project field-- no more lugging around huge and heavy plan sets up and down stairs! Pretty neat!

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